9 Tips to Remove Smokers Lines: Get Rid of Vertical Lines Above the Upper Lip Naturally

Get Rid of Vertical Lines Above the Upper Lip

Moisture and elasticity in the skin makes it young and supple. As we age, our skin loses moisture and elasticity, making it prone to wrinkles. However, some people are more prone to wrinkles than others. This is especially true for smokers. Smokers tend to develop deep wrinkles around the mouth. The repetitive physical action of smoking creates lines around the lips. Smoking leads to premature skin aging and vertical wrinkles around the upper lip often called smokers lines. Whether you call them smoker's lines or feathering, those vertical lines above the upper lip can cause you to appear older than your age.

Tips to Remove Smoker's Lines Naturally

Smokers lines are the greatest fear for many women. However, there exist natural remedies and tips to remove vertical lines that appear above the upper lip. Following are some of the best tips on how to get rid of smoker’s wrinkles naturally.

1. Smoking leaves the facial skin very susceptible to deep creases and lines between your nose and lip. Once the signs of aging appear around the mouth and the lips in particular, it is time to quit smoking. The sooner you stop smoking, the fewer "smoker's lines" you will develop.

2. Cigarette smoke may speed up aging by producing free radicals. Usually free radicals break down skin cells and collagen in the skin resulting in increased wrinkle formation. Smokers absolutely need a higher amount of vitamins and minerals to help in the defense of this breakdown. The supplementation of vitamin C and vitamin E is beneficial to protect against smoking-related skin damage.

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