10 Best Chin Exercises to Get Rid of Double Chin and Lose Chin Fat without Surgery

Double Chin Exercises to Get Rid of Chin Fat

Many people are looking for ways to reduce face fat and lose their double chin. Double chins do nothing but add years to the way you look and may even make you look overweight, even if you are not. It is true that double chins are nothing but fat deposits and in many people that is the first place the body will store fat. So even if you are not exceedingly overweight, it may appear that way just because of a little extra fat in the chin.

Chin exercises can reduce the appearance of that annoying double chin with just a little time and patience and without resorting to ridiculously expensive, painful, invasive, and temporary surgical procedures. Chin exercises are big help because they can actually target your problem area and help you see improvements specifically where you need them.

Chin Exercises to Get Rid of Double Chin without Surgery

Reducing face fat without resorting to surgery is clearly a better idea. Here are some simple chin exercises to get rid of double chin that you can do just about anywhere and anytime, whenever it is convenient.

Double Chin Exercise #1:
Sitting as straightly as possible, tilt your head back as far as you are able. Slowly open and close your mouth. You can repeat this chin exercise many times as you like as long as you are not uncomfortable. Give a tennis ball beneath your chin for resistance and you should view a noticeable improvement within your appearance

Double Chin Exercise #2:
Stand up and make yourself as comfortable as you can, holding your head in a natural position. Open up your mouth as widely as possible and then stick your tongue out as far as you are able. Hold this for a count of ten and then relax. Repeat this chin exercise many times as you can without causing discomfort.

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