10 Best Natural Methods to Remove Turkey Wattle Neck and Tighten Loose Sagging Neck Skin

How to Tighten Loose Sagging Neck Skin and Remove Turkey Neck

Sagging skin on the neck is often called a turkey wattle or turkey neck. As we age, skin can quickly loose elasticity causing turkey neck to develop in both men and women. Loose neck skin can be compounded by underlying lax muscle, which also causes the turkey neck or appearance of neck bands. Additionally, as people age, they often lose weight, which makes a turkey neck even more visible. A neck wattle detracts from an otherwise youthful-looking face. Regular care of your skin and body will help you prevent or minimize this loose, saggy skin on the neck and chin area or a turkey wattle. To combat drooping neck skin and turkey neck, there are things you can do, and you may not even have to resort to surgery to get the results you want.

Best Natural Methods for Tightening Loose Neck Skin or Turkey Wattle

Some neck wrinkling and sagging neck is an unavoidable natural part of getting older. The dreaded turkey neck occurs when the neck skin begins to loosen and sag. Cosmetic surgery is not the only way to deal with a turkey neck. Natural skin care products and skin care tips are best for firming up and tighten sagging neck. Here are some of the best natural ways to tighten loose skin under the chin. Try these natural methods to remove turkey neck without going under the knife.

1. Apply Neck Firming Cream to Tighten Sagging Neck Skin
Creams and topical solutions can tighten and firm the skin around neck and reduce the sagging and loosening of neck skin. Be sure to use creams, lotions, and oils specifically designed for neck skin. Dry and saggy neck skin needs extra care and moisture. Applying a good neck cream will keep much needed moisture in your skin cells and will keep them plumped up and help get rid of deep lines and wrinkles on neck, and tighten and lift the sagging skin on neck. Using creams containing Retinoids can help boost collagen and elastic production in your neck area, which are both important proteins responsible for keeping the skin free of sagging and wrinkles. A neck cream that contains Matrixyl may help encourage the development of new cells and reduce the appearance of neck wrinkles and turkey neck. Other ingredients used for dry neck skin are hyaluronic acid and Shea butter. The active ingredients Argireline and Sesaflash have an instant lifting effect on the neck area.

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