9 Best Natural Dark Spot Corrector: Get Rid of Dark Brown Spots on Face using Homemade Dark Spot Remover

Best Natural Dark Spot Corrector to Get Rid of Dark Brown Spots on Face

Dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, are a common skin condition caused by excess melanin deposits. Dark and brown spots on face may be harmless, but they certainly don't look pretty! There are a number of natural treatments and homemade remedies that you can try to help reduce the appearance of dark spots on face. These home treatments sometimes even make those skin blemishes and dark pigmentation marks on face disappear completely.

9 Best Homemade Dark Spot Remover

Dark and brown spots on face can be removed with the help of certain homemade remedies that go a long way in lightening their color. Dark spot corrector can help you remove dark spots on face. Here are some of the best natural dark spot corrector that you can apply to get rid of dark brown spots, age spots, and sun spots on your face.

Best Homemade Natural Dark Spot Remover #1
Lemon Juice: Lemon juice one of the natural dark spot corrector that can lighten the dark spots left by acne and pimples. To get rid of dark spots, apply some lemon juice on your facial skin and on hands or neck. Allow the lemon juice to soak on the dark spots on skin for a minimum 20 minutes. Flush the face with cool water for three minutes. Lemons, as the best dark spot corrector, contain bleaching agents that can help get rid of dark spots, brown spots and age spots on the face and hands quickly and exfoliate dead skin cells to produce healthier, brighter skin.

Best Natural Homemade Dark Spot Remover #2
Potato: Potato juice is one of the best dark spot corrector that is quite helpful in producing a lighter and even skin tone. Potato has bleaching properties, which helps to remove blemishes and black spots from the skin.

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